‘Follow your heart,' they say...
Although you can’t run a business solely on feelings, emotion is an integral part of Henrica Langh. Rather than being a brand based on a concept, an image, or a product, Henrica Langh is a brand based on a heart, thoughts, and emotions.
Both the artistic and the ready-to-wear collections are inspired by feelings, fears, and our careful, fragile existence. Everything from the artistic projects to the experience of purchasing an item on the webshop are based on the concept of emotion. Each detail has been carefully chosen to fit the overall values and mood of Henrica Langh. Emotion is present in everything from design elements, colours, imagery and the model’s eyes to the feel of materials and look of the packaging.
The ready-to-wear collections are created with passion for people who like fashion and value individual style but also care about how their clothes were made. These clothes are not made for the sake of producing something. They’re made with heart for you to complete your individual wardrobe in an environmentally and ethically sustainable way. These timeless classics with a twist are intended for you to fall in love with, fall out of love with, and rediscover again and again. Or to just keep close to your heart as your favourite statement piece.
The buying process is designed to create a purchasing experience with a hint of luxury and exclusiveness. Shopping can be such a fulfilling experience and there is nothing wrong in taking enjoyment in buying something new. This is why the whole purchasing experience has been designed with emotion keeping the customer’s feelings in mind.
When you buy something from the webshop you’re not just an address somewhere in this vast world. You’re a valued customer who deserves an unwrapping experience with thought and emotion.
If you would like to add the classic white tee loaded with emotion to your wardrobe, check out the Memento Mori tops in the webshop. The prints are completely unique and are like little pieces of poetry that are open to interpretation and personal experiences. They are also 100% organic cotton with inks free from toxic chemicals.

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