Pattern Stories part II

It's easy to forget, but fashion is so much more than it looks. There are numerous people and stories behind a single item of clothing. There are traces of someone in everything from the design details and lines of the patterns to the threads in the fabric and the seams holding the final product together.
In this blog post you will get to know a little about the owner at Technical Garment Design, the company that digitised and graded the patterns for the Memento Mori /Agliophobia rtw collection, and organises the manufacturing of Henrica Langh ready-to-wear.

Liisa Tikk

Work task:
CEO (and patternmaker): Mainly organizing everything; emailing, client-meetings, and visiting sewing factories for production control. If there is an emergency and our patternmaker cannot make the patterns I will be back at my roots, making patterns, as I did when I started this company and was doing everything myself!
What do you enjoy about your work?
Doing different things that I love and seeing product development from zero to in the end seeing the products in shops – knowing how much work and time each style took.
And of course, my first love - patternmaking! I just love it!
Do you have a work pet peeve?
Sending too many emails with same question and do not get answer for it. It is also sometimes annoying to continue with product development.
How do you recover after a long day?
Staying at home with my darling man! Visiting friends and enjoying different cultural events with them. Sometimes I just love to switch off by playing cards (Canasta). Walking in countryside or in forest is also a nice way to recharge.
Favourite song, poem, or quote you can think of right now?
“Üheksa korda mõõda, üks kord lõika.” (Estonian proverb meaning: Measure nine times and cut once.)
Is there any art that has left a lasting impression on you?
I recently went to the cinema with my granny and we saw The Nutcracker by the Moscow Bolšoi theatre. It was great to see all the costumes and dancers, and hear Tchaikovsky’s music. Perfect for a great Christmas feeling!

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