A collection designed for every fibre of your being.


Clothing is like a second skin; interacting with the environment and protecting the body from external factors. Like the skin, it also functions as insulation and temperature regulation. It’s a protective barrier between you and the surrounding environment.
Beyond the physically protective characteristics, clothing acts as a psychological extension and protection of what is you. Fashion and clothing can give mental strength and confidence, enhance individual traits and culture, and provide something to hide underneath and distract from reality.
By protecting the inside from the outside and expressing personality, clothing becomes a vital part of us; an extension of our body and self. Your clothing reflects your mood and is shaped by your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Dress and clothing can be subtle symbols or bold expressions and statements but they are always linked to the body and identity.
Whoever you are and whatever you are feeling, your clothing is an extension of that.
Memento Mori /Agliophobia rtw was created with this in mind. The collection was inspired by the physical, anatomical, and psychological layers we carry with us. Each garment in the collection has been created for you to add to your personal story.
Because clothing is such an important part of us, all items in the collection were designed to look good and feel good. The fabrics were carefully selected to feel soft and pleasant against your skin and are free from toxic chemicals. Most of the fabrics in the collection are made from organic cotton which, unlike conventional cotton, is farmed according to internationally recognised organic farming standards and is free from pesticides and other synthetic and toxic chemicals.
Cotton is a very soft and fluffy fibre and therefore feels amazing against the skin. Cotton is a great fibre for any climate and any time of the year. It’s absorbent and breathable, which makes it a perfect extension of your own skin.
All linings in the collection are 100% bamboo silk. As a material bamboo is very breathable and cool, which makes it perfect for use as a lining. The bamboo silk used in the collection is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and made by a manufacturer specialising in eco-friendly materials and processes.
With a combination of soft breathable cotton and silky bamboo, the Agliophobia skirts are excellent for any season. While being timeless and chic, they also let your skin breathe and are soft and light to wear.
The Agliophobia button-up blouse and double-sleeved shirt are mainly made from Lenzing MicroModal, which is an ecological fibre made from beechwood. Lenzing produces both the pulp and the fibre at the same site which means that the production is easy on energy and other resources. This fabric is so unbelievably soft you would want to wear it all the time. If you’re ever feeling a bit down these two pieces from the collection would be like a silky smooth hug comforting you wherever you go.
The items in the collection were designed to be mortal, which means that once they eventually reach the end of their life cycle they are easy to take apart and recycle or dispose of with minimal harm to the environment. However, being skilfully manufactured with quality fabrics these garments will last a lifetime if cared for in the correct way.
Add a sustainable second skin to your individual story. Buy immediately from the Memento Mori layer and pre-order Agliophobia items by paying a deposit now and the rest when your item is ready to ship.

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