Melancholic love, irrational fear, and other mortal emotions.
Finding inspiration in human anatomy and the fragile chaos of the psyche, Henrica Langh's collections explore our delicate existence in this world. The collections contain layers of meaning and if you look carefully, you will notice that mortality and melancholy can be found in most of her work.
The brand Henrica Langh was born from a combination of love for art, design, and dress, a chaotic network of creative veins, and a desire to create fashion with emotion and respect. 
Through a combination of design and artistic processes Henrica Langh creates both ready-to-wear collections and artistic projects, which make up the core of the brand. The artistic and the ready-to-wear collections inspire each other and together with the core values of creativity, passion, quality, and respect, this dialogue between art and design provides the main support for the whole brand anatomy.
 Sustainability is taken into account in every process and detail without compromising design and style. Henrica Langh has made a conscious choice not to compromise, in terms of sustainability or design, when it comes to any part of the design process. This does not mean there will be no compromises, but by making this decision, compromises will only occur when there is no other option available.
Fashionable and individual style can definitely be sustainable (beyond recycled polyester). It just might require a bit more creative thinking and research. The most important way sustainability is incorporated in Henrica Langh's work is through the constant questioning of choices within the brand and common existing thoughts on sustainability. Accepting that a 100% sustainable fashion brand is impossible (at least for now), Henrica Langh does her best to find sustainable options for everything with the long-term objective of creating design that is good for the planet and not just better.
This is the first post in a series of texts about the brand's anatomy. Come back next week for a look into the heart of the brand.

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