What's on the Inside

A closer look at what is behind the Memento Mori tops.

The Memento Mori tops are like little wearable pieces of art. There is poetry and layers of meaning in them and they are open to your own interpretations and experiences, just like a piece of art.

The tops were inspired by a series of corsets with the same name. The corsets, made from discarded fabrics, were created to resemble what is underneath our skin; the muscles and bones. They symbolise our vulnerable inside and all the thoughts, fears, and scars we carry inside. Memento Mori is an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitable death and human failure and errors. The corsets symbolise both our mortality and our fear of failure and mistakes; everything that makes us human. Being corsets that are visually inspired by bones and muscles, they also symbolise our inner strength and the structure that makes us who we are.

The Memento Mori corsets were buried for over a month, giving the white fabric a stained look and additional meaning to the artistic process.

Like the Memento Mori corsets, the prints on the Memento Mori jersey tops have layers of meaning and are open to the wearer’s or viewer’s individual interpretations.

The thought behind the ‘Oh the mortality’ top is that most things are only a moment and a reminder not forget that. Feelings, moments, all living things; everything is fleeting, so cherish them while they’re here and not only after they've become memories.

The Rib Cage top is a comment on our mortality and that we all will one day become part of nature. However, it also symbolises the potential you have to create something beautiful with your life.

‘How Terribly Beautiful’ is the ultimate love story. It’s a love poem about how unearthly, immortal, beautiful, and tragic love can be.


The tops are made from organic cotton jersey with organic cotton thread and are fully biodegradable. They are designed to be mortal, meaning that when they eventually reach the end of their life cycle they are easy to dispose of with minimal harm to the environment. Each individual top is unique as the stains are hand-painted and the print design is one-of-a-kind.


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