Breathing is an action required to sustain life.   As designers, we have a responsibility for the things we create. Our job is to design and bring to life products and experiences that have an impact on everything from the people who help us in the process and the customers who fall in love with our work to the nature and animals around us. This is one reason I want sustainability to be incorporated as a whole throughout my brand as well as in every little detail of the products. By accepting that my brand is not 100% sustainable and through a constant questioning of my own choices and existing opinions I want to create design with a heart. So...

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‘Follow your heart,' they say...   Although you can’t run a business solely on feelings, emotion is an integral part of Henrica Langh. Rather than being a brand based on a concept, an image, or a product, Henrica Langh is a brand based on a heart, thoughts, and emotions. Both the artistic and the ready-to-wear collections are inspired by feelings, fears, and our careful, fragile existence. Everything from the artistic projects to the experience of purchasing an item on the webshop are based on the concept of emotion. Each detail has been carefully chosen to fit the overall values and mood of Henrica Langh. Emotion is present in everything from design elements, colours, imagery and the model’s eyes to the...

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Melancholic love, irrational fear, and other mortal emotions.   Finding inspiration in human anatomy and the fragile chaos of the psyche, Henrica Langh's collections explore our delicate existence in this world. The collections contain layers of meaning and if you look carefully, you will notice that mortality and melancholy can be found in most of her work. The brand Henrica Langh was born from a combination of love for art, design, and dress, a chaotic network of creative veins, and a desire to create fashion with emotion and respect.  Through a combination of design and artistic processes Henrica Langh creates both ready-to-wear collections and artistic projects, which make up the core of the brand. The artistic and the ready-to-wear collections...

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