mortal fashion for the conscious femme fatale

Clothing is your second skin
All ready-to-wear collections by Henrica Langh are designed and produced with respect for the surrounding world without compromising design and style. Creativity and respect are key and sustainability is incorporated in the process of each garment from start to finish, down to the smallest details.
The clothes are designed to be 'mortal', meaning that when they eventually reach the end of their life cycle they are easy to take apart so all components can be recycled, reused, or disposed of with minimal harm to the environment.
Henrica Langh's ready-to-wear collections are mainly made with natural fabrics that feel soft and smooth against the skin. Clothing is an extension of us; a second skin. As something that has such an important part in your daily life your second skin should make you feel good.
All materials in the ready-to-wear collections have been carefully selected with sustainability, comfort, and style in mind. Head over here if you want to read more about the materials and clothing care.
Conscious design, good quality, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical small-scale production are some of the main factors that make Henrica Langh's collections a better choice. However, a constant questioning of choices and existing viewpoints as well as a continuous striving for better alternatives with the long-term objective of being good and not just better are the most important sustainability practices within the brand.

If you are looking for sustainable, ethical, and unique style you have found the right place!


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