The key to good looking clothing is the correct fit

To make sure you get a good fit it is important that your measurements are accurate. If you neglect to take your measurements with care you risk ending up with an ill-fitted garment, which just does not look good on anyone. Do not pay too much attention to the sizes since these can vary very much between brands. The measurements used here are based on an EU standardisation.
The important thing to pay attention to when choosing a size is to match your personal measurements with the measurements in the size guide.

Taking your own measurements

You can take your measurements yourself in front of a mirror or have someone else help you. Take your measurements in your underwear to get the most accurate measurements (note that it is good to wear the type of underwear you would most likely be wearing under the garment you want to purchase). Never take your measurements wearing bulky clothing.
Stand straight and loop the measuring tape around the part of the body you are measuring snug but not too tight. The measuring tape should not be digging into your skin.
Relaxing your arms, measure under the arms around the fullest part of your chest.
Measure the the narrowest part of your waist, usually under the rib cage, a couple of centimetres above the belly button. Keep the measuring tape slightly loose to allow for breathing room.
Measure the widest part of your lower body, usually about 18 cm below the waistline.
Please make sure you take your measurements and read the size chart with care to minimise the risk of ordering the wrong size.
If you have any questions regarding fit or want more advice on measurements just send an email to